Monday 22nd of January 2018 an interesting meeting took place in Prečko School in Zagreb.
Softball Club Princ coaches and EVS volunteers presented to kids and their teachers a BeeBall Game.
BeeBall is a successful method (all over the world) for introducing softball to kids. The participating children were between 6 and 9 years of age. To play BeeBall you only need a few basic items like: soft-touch ball, rubber bat, tee, gloves, cones, bases, at least 4 players and GOODWILL!
After the demonstration, we divided children into two groups: defense and offense. The presentations were during regular PE classes in school. We had 4 scheduled groups and each group had around 30-40 kids. The kids and teachers had fun not only because they learned new game and first steps to softball but also because of the positive and competitive atmosphere. You could feel the team spirit!
Except BeeBall we introduced to kids and teachers our project #equalinsports which our EVS volunteers Natalia and Elisa are doing, and project Erasmus+ Sports Project: Inclusion & Gender Equality.
We will continue BeeBall in this school and make presentations in different schools in Zagreb. The goal is to encourage children to play in team sports and be more active.
Stay tuned!

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