The Softball in Schools project has the potential to change the landscape of female sports in Gozo

The Softball in Schools project, which is an initiative that was started by the Ghajnsielem Redcoats in support of the Erasmus+ Sports: Small Collaborative Partnerships project Inclusion & Gender Equality Through Softball, received a boost from the RUN THE BASES team, who was in Gozo to work on their pilot program.

RUN THE BASES aims to educate children and youth about values which are important for life through softball. On Monday morning RTB joined up with IGETS to deliver a softball session with a difference at the Gozo College Sannat Primary School. The students at Years 5 and Year 6 of the school, who are currently being taught softball during their PE lessons, thanks to the dedication of their PE teacher, Christopher Fava, performed extremely well impressing both coach Stanley Doney and Tara Henry.

Sebastian Cirillo and Kelly Smith of RTB conducted various fun games for the students to highlight the importance of LEADERSHIP – RESPECT – COMMUNICATION – INCLUSION in sports such as softball as well as in everyday life. Coaches Stanley Doney and Tara Henry focused on the fundamental skills of throwing, catching and batting. Equipment donated by the World Baseball & Softball Association as well as the European Softball Federation made the session possible. At the end of the session RTB thanked the Sannat Primary School and PE teacher Christopher Fava for the opportunity. Ruben Mercieca of the Sports Promotion Unit of SportMalta and Joseph Scicluna of the Redcoats assisted.

The session which was held at the Sannat Primary in the morning was repeated at the Gozo College Qala Primary in the afternoon. For the Year 5 and 6 students of the school this was their first ever softball session. The school is also participating in the Softball in Schools initiative with sessions starting later on this week with Ruben Mercieca of the Sports Promotion unit of SportMalta and Joseph Scicluna of the Redcoats.

Despite playing the game for the first time the students did really well with some showing that they have potential to become softball or baseball players. RTB and the Redcoats were quite satisfied with what they managed to achieve at both schools and are very much looking forward to continue their work to promote softball in Gozo for the sake of gender equality and for the personal development of the participating students. The Softball in Schools project has the potential to change the landscape of female sports in Gozo should it continue to receive the support from all the stakeholders. RTB can be an important partner in this.

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