Għajnsielem Redcoats

The Għajnsielem Redcoats was established in 2012, initially as a youth softball team for girls, when it obtained affiliation with the Malta Baseball and Softball Association (MABS). Within a few months the Redcoats became a fully-fledged baseball and softball club with youth baseball and softball teams along with a men’s slow-pitch and a women’s slow-pitch softball teams.

In a very short period of time, the Redcoats managed to re-establish baseball and softball in Gozo. The administration of the Club along with the coaching staff is made up of a team of 12 dedicated volunteers. The primary objective of the Club is to provide an opportunity to practice a team sport to girls as well as to boys who were not active. The mission of the club as stated in its statute is as follows:

The mission of this Club is to promote and encourage increased participation in sport and the improved performance by athletes in baseball and softball. The Club aims to promote equality of access to and participation in sport as well as to promote a culture of participation in sport among people, especially children and individuals of an older age. The Club strives to promote not only a culture of excellence in the sport of baseball and softball, but also the idea of the sport as a recreational activity suitable for the entire family.

Over 60 children and youths now play baseball and softball with the Redcoats with some of them participate in the competitions organised by the MABS. The U/15 team were crown national champions in 2014 when they won the MABS Youth Baseball Major League. In 2015, the U/13 won the MABS Softball Minor league. The women’s fastpitch softball team with an average age of 15 years won the MABS Autumn Fastpitch Tournament in 2016.

The Għajnsielem Redcoats now have four very important and highly successful programmes apart from the baseball and softball.

  1. ACTIVE START – Young Multisport Athletes for children aged 4-6, with the aim of helping children develop fundamental movement skills, agility, balance, coordination and speed through various fun games.
  2. BASKETBALL – In a further effort to encourage children to practice more than one sport, the Għajnsielem Redcoats become a sports club in 2014. Basketball was selected to be the first sport to be offered in addition to baseball and softball for those youths enrolled with the club. Well over 30 boys and girls participate in the basketball programme.
  3. FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS ACADEMY – As a continuation of the ACTIVE START – Young Multisport Athletes programme, the Redcoats launched the Fundamental Skills Academy for children 6 to 9 years old in 2015. A multi-disciplinary coaching staff was put together so that during the course of a season participants will have 10 to 12 sessions in football, mini-volley, mini-basket, baseball/softball and tag rugby.
  4. #beactivemalta School Sports Program – A member of the coaching staff of the Redcoats visits the Gozo Collage Għajnsielem Primary School every week to conduct two 45 min sport sessions. Pupils from Kinder 1 to Year 6 have a practice session every two weeks. Athletics, tag rugby, mini-volley, mini-basket, and baseball are covered in the programme along with fun games to help the school children to improve their physical literacy. With this programme over 120 children aged 4 to 11 are being exposed to new skills and new sports.

The long term objectives of the club is to increase the number of sports which those enrolled with the club can practice and to participate in the competitions organised by the respective associations of each particular sport. The club also aims to have a men’s baseball team and a women’s fastpitch softball team to participate in the competitions organised by the Malta Baseball and Softball Association.


Contact person: Joseph Scicluna