Honk- en Softbalvereniging Olympia Haarlem


SV Olympia Haarlem was established on June 5, 2008. It is a merger of four organisations (DCO, DSC’74, HIS and TYBB). The oldest of these organisations was established on September 1, 1919. The club draws on the varied expertise and skills of the members of each of these four organisations.

Olympia Haarlem is a sport organisation which brings together many different sport disciplines, where different sports can be practiced, such as: badminton, billiard, baseball, softball, outdoor football, soccer. Baseball and softball are a self-supporting part of this structure. Each sport department is an independent sub-assembly and has its own board. In terms of softball, Olympia Haarlem is a Dutch Golden League Club.

Olympia Haarlem strives to give people the opportunity to engage in sports, recreationally or at topsport-level. Also of paramount importance is the objective to help children develop their softball and baseball skills.

Olympia Haarlem is one of the Netherland’s leading softball clubs despite being run by volunteers. The club, which is equipped with excellent facilities, was the site of the first-ever Women’s Fastpitch World Championship to be played in Europe in the summer of 2014. The gymnasium of Olympia Haarlem has one of the best sporting halls in Haarlem.

The Club currently has 25 volunteers dedicating their time and putting in hard work to help Olympia Haarlem conduct its regular activities.

The Club regularly host games and tournaments in their excellent sport facilities in Haarlem, which do not only include softball games but also soccer, futsal, and badminton amongst others. Olympia Haarlem has three soccer fields, two softball fields and a baseball field, as well as a multi-purpose sporting hall. The club has 6 female softball teams, and 1 men’s team. The youth teams are all female, whereas the U6 team is mixed.

Olympia Haarlem regularly participates in numerous international tournaments and games. In 2016 the Club won the European II Cup in Ostrava Tsjechie (Czech Republic), when they beat BSC Legnano (ITA) in the final.



Contact person: Mirjam Willemse