Softball is an inclusive sport – mothers and fathers were playing along with their sons and daughters during the game held as part of the EWoS

Our participation in the European Week of Sports 2017 was a great success as we managed to increase the number of participants in our activities by 50% over the previous year. This year we managed to also involve the parents who accepted our invitation to take part. The grand finale was on Saturday, September 30, with over 50 participants taking part during the session.

The softball game organised for the parents of our players was a resounding success. Many parents attended the session held on Saturday, September 23 in the afternoon and they had a blast playing softball. The game was part of the European Week of Sports activities organised by the club in support of the efforts of SportMalta and the European Commission to get Europeans to participate in sports. The Club decided to organise such a game in order to promote gender equality and to increase awareness that women can participate in sports as well. This is in line with the Erasmus+ Sports: Small Collaborative Partnerships project Inclusion & Gender Equality Through Softball which the Ghajnsielem Redcoats are currently working on with partners from the Netherlands and Croatia.

Several of those who attended asked the club to try to organise another such game soon. This is very encouraging and goes to show that if sports activities are organised parents would participate. This is further proof that softball is an inclusive game as mothers and fathers were playing along with their sons and daughters. 

During the softball game the Redcoats were visited by the delegation which was carrying the Queen’s Baton from Mgarr to Victoria. There were representatives of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games from Australia, the Malta Olympic Committee, as well as the Ghajnsielem Local Council including Mayor Franco Ciangura. Mayor Ciangura stayed to participate in the softball game registering a hit and also scoring a run. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, September 27 and 28, there were four baseball sessions at the Primary School for our boys and girls aged 7 and older. The highlight of these sessions were certainly the water sliding which turned out to be very popular with the players.

We would like to thank SportMalta for their support along with the European Commission. We also want to thank all the participants.

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