Softball Club Princ had an IGETS Day in Zagreb during the Zagreb Summer Softball Camp. Every year Princ has a camp with 40 – 50 kids most of whom play softball (30) along with others who never tried the sport (20). This year the Summer Softball Camp lasted 7 days, and each day kids had two practices, and in between they also hadsome fun things to do. One of the days we named IGETS Day. It was a great day that got 50 kids to talk and think about gender equality. We involved their parents too. The kids came up with comments about gender equality in sports. We introduced to the kids our project, and made an assessment of their physical literacy. One of the questions was: “Do you like playing sports with children of the opposite sex?” Most of them answered that theypreferred not to. However, after we discussed the subject with them they agreed that it doesn’t matter of which sex their teammate is. They were also given an assignment to write a message with something which both sexes can do equally. They had great ideas and wonderful messages to all the people!

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