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IGETS seeks to promote gender equalities in sports and aims to increase capacity for the three softball partners in coaching and administration.
Gender equality
The main objective of IGETS is to raise awareness about gender inequalities in sports and to identify ways how to reduce these imbalances. The clubs will introduce programmes which promote inclusion with the objective for the participants being to be active for life rather than to compete.
IGETS aims to empower female athletes and to encourage them to aspire to achieve the elite status as softball players. The project seeks to identify ways to keep girls engaged in this sport once they face new challenges in life such as university, work, marriage, and parenthood
Coaching & Administration
An objective of IGETS is to improve the level of coaching and to change the training methods to be in line with the Long Term Athlete Development model. Through IGETS the partners will work to strengthen the administration of their respective clubs and identify ways to generate revenue.


Inclusion and Gender Equality through Softball (IGETS) will bring together three softball clubs coming from different parts of Europe – Ghajnsielem Redcoats from Gozo, Malta, Olympia Haarlem from the Netherlands, and Softball Klub Princ Zagreb from Croatia.

The mission of this Club is to promote and encourage increased participation in sport and the improved performance by athletes in baseball and softball. The Club aims to promote equality of access to and participation in sport as well as to promote a culture of participation in sport among people, especially children and individuals of an older age. The Club strives to promote not only a culture of excellence in the sport of baseball and softball, but also the idea of the sport as a recreational activity suitable for the entire family.

    Softball Club Princ
    Softball Club Princ

    Our main objective is to assist youth in the adaptation of healthy habits that also constitute the fundamentals of the sporting life. We are developing through team sport teamwork, and with all that we organize sport camps, tournaments, etc. Thanks to our dedicated and passionate work we have achieved great results so far, the trophies won and achieved is only a small reflection of the effort required: 20 years as Croatian champions, 18 times we were winners of Croatian Cup, and our program has won all 13 championships in Zagreb.

      Olympia Haarlem Honk- en Softbal
      Olympia Haarlem Honk- en Softbal

      Olympia Haarlem strives to give people the opportunity to engage in sports, recreationally or professionally. Also of paramount importance is the objective to help children develop their softball and baseball skills. Olympia Haarlem is one of the Netherland’s leading softball and baseball clubs despite being run by voluteers. The club, which is equipped with excellent facilities, was the site of the first-ever Women's Fastpitch World Championship to be played in Europe in the summer of 2014. The gymnasium of Olympia Haarlem has one of the best sporting halls in Haarlem.